Wedding Photography Services and Pricing

Your choice of wedding photographer is incredibly important, because with a wedding there are no do-overs. If the photographer messes up the lighting , posing, or any of the other factors needed to make a great photo, the opportunity is forever lost.  An experienced, talented photographer is vital. Randy Miller, owner of Randall’s Photography, has been photographing weddings for many years. His services include a one-hour engagement photo session at Randall’s Photography, wedding preparation photography, ceremony, formals, and candids from the reception. Total time is around 5 hours. A disk or online download with all your event images, copyright released, is included.

Pricing for photographing weddings at Ralston's Crossing is $2,600 , or with the 25% Cash Discount, $1,950.

**Randall’s Photography retains the right to make reproductions of the any or all images for promotional use, samples or self-promotions. Images may also be used for professional competition and review.